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6 Signs That You Are Dating A Bad Girlfriend


6 Signs That You Are Dating A Bad Girlfriend

6 Signs That You Are Dating A Bad Girlfriend; You ask yourself different questions everyday concerning your relationship. you now think your partner is now cheating on you due to so many reasons, Recognizing the signs of a bad girlfriend are not always so obvious. A bad girlfriend does not have to be someone that is cruel or cheating. It can be a lot more subtle than that so, you have to open your eyes and brain to be able to recognize these things. Here are just 6 of the things to watch out for.


She keeps too many secrets

In Relationships , it is expected , that the two people in a relationship are meant to share their plans, day to day activities and other things together for the sake of openess and sincerity. The moment your girlfriend starts hiding everything about her, about her day, about her family , about her friends from you, then you might have to watch Out!!!

She is using you
If your girlfriend gives you attention and spends quality time with you when she needs something from you then advice yourself before it’s too late.

She takes you for granted
Both men and women love to be appreciated for the little things they do. If she doesn’t see the important role you play in her life, then it’s time to end the relationship.

She can’t compromise
Relationships thrive when each partner is ready to make sacrifices and compromise along the way. Every woman deserves to be respected and treated like a queen.

You have to meet halfway. But if she never gives and always expects you to swallow your wants and needs for her, she expects too much. Both parties must be ready to give up one thing or another for the other

She cheats
Cheating is a major sign of a bad girlfriend. Some people change but this a red flag that she doesn’t deserve your love.

She expects too much from you
If she expects you to spend all your savings on lavish things she doesn’t necessarily need, she is not being a good girlfriend.


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